SILSDEN - CFA upto 25 kW



Communications Dynamics Limited (I.O.M.) and Kabbary Antenna Technology of EGYPT have collaborated in the construction and testing of a three crossed field antennas of different sizes at a location in West Yorkshire.


The final results of these tests are available in a CDL document entitled “Report of the performance under test of an elevated 8 meter CROSSED FIELD ANTENNA located at Silsden in West Yorkshire”

The performance of the CFA at medium wave band as measured by CDL is fully documented and shows how well the CFA performs. Arqiva Ltd conducted tests and provided data, from which, graphs and tables have been plotted and included in the CDL/Kabbary report. (Arqiva Ltd. were recommended by OFCOM as a suitable organization to conduct tests to independently verify the CFA performance.)

Comparison of the CDL and Arqiva results gives clear confirmation that the elevated 8 Meter CFA at medium wave band gives a Relative Emission Efficiency of at least 100 % when compared with a conventional Lambda/4 Vertical Monopole Antenna. It is also established that the VSWR / Bandwidth performance complies with the OFCOM Engineering Code.


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