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Crossed Field Antenna for Medium Wave (MV) & Long Wave (LF-VLF)

Compatible for (AM) & (DRM) Transmitters

NEW Developed High Power & Low Power CFA NEW!



Delivery Time

1 - 10 KW


1 month

10 - 50 KW


2 months

100 KW


3 months

500 KW

Make Order

8 months

1000 KW

Make Order

10 months

ASK for NEW Special Offers

Crossed Field Antennas are available at ALL Power levels for ALL Frequencies

!! Good PROMOTION !!

Crossed Field Antenna

2 Years Grantee

The Most Easy Purchase Schedule on

4 Batches

  1. First Batch (On Contracting) : 20% of CFA Price.
  2. Second Batch (AFTER Shipping) : 40% of CFA Price.
  3. Third Batch (AFTER Installation) : 20% of CFA Price.
  4. Last Batch (On Handing Over): 20% of CFA Price.

The Power Level that a CFA must Handle Determines the Size of the Antenna's Elements and other Components, Radiating and Matching Components.

The Price of these CFA antennas are varying on bases of New Price Increase of Materials and Electrical Components.

In addition Larger Components Require Specialized Jigs and Dies plus more Time for assembly.

Travel and Accommodation for KAT personnel at WORK SITE will be charged at cost to Client, who is expected to make all Necessary Arrangements, including Visas, Work Permits and Local Logistical Arrangements.

Civil Works for the Foundations, Ground Plane and Carnage are NOT included in the CFA price and it is the Responsibility of the Client to make Adequate Arrangements.

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