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KIEL-CFA was connected to 5 kW transmitter 612 kHz , it gives good signal upto 50 km.

TANTA Station - Egypt:

Tanta Twins CFAThe first Crossed Field Antenna CFA was installed in 1990 at Tanta radio station 90km from Cairo, owned by the Egyptian Radio TV Union ERTU , in daily service broadcasting at 1161 kHz , 60 kW in regular service since 1994 .

Because the CFA the higher gain of CFA than the Lambda/4 mast antenna; ERTU has decided to reduce the transmission power to 30 kW.

Later, in 1998, another higher power CFA , 100 kW at 864 kHz was installed on the same roof of the 1161 kHz CFA .

No coupling or interference was noticed between the two CFA antennas on the same roof of station when they are worked simultaneously, also no rejection circuits were used for the transmitters .

SILSDEN Project - West Yorkshire - England:

Silsden CFA Testing

A new medium wave CFA was built in the UK and set-up by Communications Dynamics Limited (CDL) in collaboration with Kabbary Antenna Technology (KAT). The test results were carried out and confirmed independently by ARQIVA Ltd., which was recommended to CDL by OFCOM for the purpose of independent verification to test the CFA.

The excellent results obtained have confirmed that the elevated CFA had a Relative Emission Efficiency and Bandwidth at least equivalent to a full size Lambda/4 Vertical Monopole Antenna.

This test represent a forward step for a worldwide marketing of the CFA.

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BARNIS Station - Egypt:
Branis CFA

The Barnis CFA 100 Kilowatts at 603 kHz, transmitting in daily service "General programe" since 1997 , serving also Saudi Arabia and Yemen It is located at the RED-SEA south coast of Egypt, near the Sudanese border .

Location of the site is 8 kilometers from the coast.


ALEXANDRIA Station - Egypt:
Alex. CFA

This 25 kW CFA 1197 kHz was installed on the roof of the transmitter, in daily service, for a local program.

The signal is excellent and also audible in Cairo, 200 km south of Alexandria CFA site .

Halaib CFAHALAIB Station - Egypt:

The Halaib CFA transmits the "South of Nile Program" on 882 kHz, 7 kW in daily service.

Location is at the border of Sudan.

CAIRO Station - Egypt: Cairo CFA

This is a little power CFA 2 kW CFA serves the City of Cairo on 864 kHz as standby for the main program 864 kHz.

ITALY - SanRemo : Italy CFA

The Italy transmitter site is at Sanremo Radio Station, where the CFA 6 kW ,at 1188kHz , owned by RAI , in daily service since 1999, The CFA has replaced the tower antenna 84 m.

Location is 42 49N and 07°48' East.

China: China CFA

The CFA was started in service since March 2003 at Nanjing radio station near City Center 801 kHz transmitting 10 kW , it will be connected later to 25 Kw transmitter on 900 kHz.

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