The CFA contract was to get the CFA working at power 25 kW and at legal frequency 900 , to replace the 120 mast antenna at the same site.

Far field measurements of the mast antenna were conducted by Nanjing radio engineers , have shown many wave pockets (, weak points , fading ) .

The Nanjing CFA was connected to temporary 10 kW new transmitter 801 kHz , till the arrival of the 25 kW , 900 kHz transmitter .

Excellent field measurements of the CFA , far better than the 120 m mast antenna, were reported and signed by the director of the Nanjing radio station Mr. Jiang Lu , has shown clearly that the CFA has higher signal level than the 120 m mast antenna at 900 kHz , in both near distance and far distance .

The reason , why the mast antenna has many wave pockets within the target area , while the CFA has not , was because of the CFA cone effect in depressing the sky wave , turning it into useful ground wave , representing additional radiation to the main radiation of the CFA , measuring a very high gain on ground .

The near distance field measurements : 5 km

The 5 kW CFA signal level was 88.5 dBuV/m while the 10 kW mast antenna at 10 kW has given almost same signal 89 dBuV/m , so the CFA was better by 2.5 dB uv/m at near distance , this means also that the CFA , height 8 m only was better than both the 120 m mast antenna ,or the best tallest antenna 0.63 Lambda high if found at site .

The far distance distance field measurements : 80 km

The 5 kW CFA and the 10 kW mast ANTENNA , both gave same signal strength 72 dBuV/m , which means that the CFA was 3 dBuV/m over the 0.36 Lambda mast antenna (120 m high ), which means also that the CFA was better than the tallest mast antenna ever found 0.63 Lambda high.

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