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Dr.Kabbary vs Nobel Prize NEW !

Dr Kabbary , since 2002 is still not interested in having Nobel prizes on his many discoveries of the Kabbary correct new electromagnetic theory associated with the discovery of the measured magnetic field from the displacement current EWW 1989 , and Kabbary New Electromagnetic Equations 1990 , from which the New Correct Theory was established and led to the discovery of the revolutionary Crossed Field Antenna CFA in 1986 , also the discovery of the day time medium waves " Wave Pockets" with new ionspheric Kabbary layers 2002 , because many Nobel prizes were awarded for subjects based on the wrong present electromagnetic theory of Wrong Maxwell equations without any success.

Dr.Kabbary is ready to receive a Nobel prize on his new physics and discoveries , when all awarded Nobel prizes based on wrong Maxwell equations ,were cancelled.

Nuclear fusion projects , based on Wrong Maxwell equations have failed for many decades and of course for future decades ( Ref :Kabbary Antennex 2002 ).

Since Maxwell equations could not explain how the Crossed Field Antenna CFA is working since 1986 ; then Maxwell equations were wrong over 154 years ago . .

The CFA is working based on Kabbary Theory .

Submarines ELF CFA antenna in IOM UK NEW !

For the First Time in the World , since more than 30 years ago , of the CFA origination in Scotland 1986, we are radiating now the submarines ELF signals from the IOM - Jurby commercial ELF CFA for Submarines base stations at very high radiation efficiency .

The base station at 2KHz - 10kHz , using the Positive Feedback Crossed Field Antenna , with Extra Full Power Radiation and much higher efficiency than 100% ..

This can replace the present very long 6000 miles ELF cable antenna.of very poor efficiency radiating only 7 watts from input 20,000,000 watts input power. The CFA radiation can reach more 1km sea water depth using only 100 kW power , which is also fine for other purposes under sea water , while present huge antenna signal reaches only 80m water depth.

This is the opportunity for countries of small area could not build this huge very long cable ELF antenna extending thousands of miles with very poor efficiency and consuming many years to build.

Come and measure near and far field ,, we can receive only Two orders for super power ELF CFA antenna per year.

The first Update ELF CFA in JURBY Isle of Man NEW !

We have started now operation of the First MW / LF / ELF CFA at Jurby site & Isle of Man in July 2017 , with excellent signal level and very broad bandwidth.


Excelent results (Surface wave & No wave packets)

For 1KW input power, field measurments at 1Km:

565KHZ , BW 37KHZ, E:380 mV/m

1188KHZ ,BW 35KHZ, E:350 mV/m

ELF: 10 KHZ (Excellent signal all over the island)

smith chart smith chart
smith chart smith chart

The Crossed Field Antenna & Nobel Prize: NEW !
Universal Expansion

Nobel Prize

Saul Perlmutter wins the 2011 Nobel Prize for his discovery of accelerated expansion of the Universe.

Engineered Affordance

A system that enters a coupling into a force-dynamic may effectively 'disconnect' from the self-reference of the local universe's energy-plenum (which supports an electrodynamical universe) by a local compression of the energy density of the local space-time (proximal to the resonant media).

This is to say, as cross-field antennas create an EM photon by phase rotation of the cancelling components of the cross-field, the Universal expansion may be locally 'cancelled' by a proximal compression of space-time within the oscillating media.

For what end?

The oscillation of an energy envelope upon the non-linear qualities of bent-space would create a series of zero-crossings that drift in absolute amplitude per crossing, in proportion to the energy-density of the local expanding Universe.

Between nodal crossings of energetic oscillations against space-time-consistency (ringing the hardness of space-time) there is a differential of absolute amplitude, measured locally. This differential may afford real work, at the expense of a slightly lessened expansion of all that is.

In analogy, a space-time-oscillator, per se, may be operated in an energy cycle similar, but thermodynamically, to the Sterling cycle.

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Low power CFA antennas are available now: NEW !

Low Power CFA is now available after new developments.

The First World DRM CFA : NEW !

With high efficiency and very broad Band-width , were measured and approved by OFCOM/ARQIVA.

NEW CFA in Silsden -West Yorkshire: NEW !

A new medium wave 8 m Omni Direction CFA was built in England, and was tested by Ofcom/Arqiva , with good results , as a new step forward for worldwide marketing the CFA , and re-starting the IOM 279 project .

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History Check by Antenna 2001 :

Sydney CFA was better than the quarter antenna ; click here for Details.

CFA World Prize from (ABU): ABU Certificate

" Dr. F. M. Kabbary ", "Prof. M. C. Hetaly", and "Dr. B. Stewart" have won World Prize from "The Asian Broadcasting Union" (ABU) for The "Best Article".

See "ABU Certificate" ...


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