NEW Electromagnetic Equations
CFA Antenna group - 1990

This is to show that the present Electromagnetic Equations of Jim Clerk Maxwell are in trouble and in need for major corrections to find the solutions for many unsolved applied physics applications as the present uncontrollable nuclear fusion projects (e.g., the previous JET project) to save more future decades of years will be consumed trying to solve the plasma dynamic stability problems, where the present shape of Maxwell's equations were the reason behind the delay of success of these projects and many other projects .

We offer solutions when requested from us.

This article can also explain the atomic radiation mechanism , and it will show that the displacement current D' is the only source of the magnetic field H .This was proven by our antenna group and been published 27years ago.

Also, it is well known that Einstein was defeated to prove the wave particle duality because he used the present (uncorrected) Maxwell's equations. Maxwell's equations were hard to solve because the fourth Maxwell equation was not correct when used the conduction current as the source of the magnetic field , while it is naturally one source for H was proven as D'. Displacement current termwas added to J' term for charge continuity and end by Maxwell's fourth equation. D'.

This work was started by our antenna group of Scotland (Kabbary, Stewart and Hately ) , and had reached its final stage later in Egypt.

Maxwell's equations could not explain how the Crossed Field Antenna CFA is working well ( Arqiva/Ofcom report 2009 ), which confirming Maxwell equations were wrong over 150 years ago. The present antenna theory is full of the well-known many approximations, and approximations , as well aas the unknown near field mechanism of field reaction of building wave propagation or power radiation, only they assumed far field, and its magnetic vector potential related to the assumed sinusoidal (of no proof) current distribution on the antenna arms , using moment methods and NEC -mode theory; both full of the serious approximations of the phase relationship in both macro and the neglected microscopic level, this microscopic level in which field reactions occurs. The near field mechanism is unknown by antenna scientists , and the NEAR pure real radiation is impossible to measure .

No one could measure the magnetic vector potential A , or the near pure radiating field ; it is a mixture of induction and radiating fields which is measured by PI Potomac RF meter or any other field strength equipment.

The major discovery we have reached was that the displacement current (time varying electric field) has appeared in D.C. circuits, while all textbooks have shown that the displacement current is zero in D.C. circuits, but we found it is not zero! This was enough to put the fourth Maxwell's equation in trouble and needs major correction, confirming that the direct source of the magnetic field is the displacement current ( D' ) , not the conduction current ( J ) for both D.C. and AC circuits, and the ( J ) term is not any more a source of any field, but only is the current flow rate no more.

We shall confirm now that Ampere's law does not exist, i.e. the J conduction current became not anymore the source of the magnetic field H for either D.C. circuit or A. C. circuit.

Ampere has discovered his phenomenon the magnetic field lines circles around the current passing in a conductor; this was before Maxwell's time, then Maxwell was worried about charge conservation problem, ignoring energy conservation, and he mathematically turned Ampere's phenomenon into real law as follows :

Maxwell's law: (D' = curl H) , was

added it to Ampere's law: ( J = curl H ) ,

to give his fourth equation: (J + D' = curl H)

How naturally or physically the magnetic field is produced form two different Mother sources J and D' , it is elegant Nature to get some have one Mother D' , not more.

This means that either J term or D' term has to be dropped form the fourth Maxwell's equation to have only one source for the magnetic field, and not having doubled measured magnetic field H.


In DC circuits, Ampere's law becomes Maxwell law and Ampere's law does not exist anymore. This means the fourth Maxwell's equation has been reduced to Maxwell law and J became useless term for radiation or wave propagation.

The new electro-magnetic equations became now


p > div D

0 > div B

B' > - curl E

D' > curl H

(The J term is defined as NQV but cannot be a source of magnetic field; it is only charge flow rate)

The above four equations are Dr. Kabbary causality equations ,which are also field reaction equations but not equality equations as assumed by Maxwell .

Maxwell did great efforts, in his age, to gather the most important laws of previous scientists and put them in the equality form .These causality new equations form is the only way for solving all problems of major applied physics projects.

J - term was behind all physics problems, century ago, when added to field equations

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